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Where To Buy Cheap Kitchen Cabinets


Hunting for the “cheap kitchen cabinets ideas“, or “cheap unfinished kitchen cabinets“, or “affordable kitchen cabinets near me” to transform your home kitchen to the next level?

Well, renovation is an exhilarating task that we half look forward to and half dread. The fun part is looking at different ideas and designs that we can use, selecting the materials, and making sure the final look is what we need for our house. What we dread is the cost that we will incur for those renovations, the time we will have to invest in making sure the results are perfect, and of course, the fear that we made the wrong choice.

The renovation costs are number one on our list of concerns, especially when it comes to the kitchen area. The kitchen is where we spend a significant part of our day when at home, on a daily basis. So, it makes sense that it is an area that sees more wear and tear as compared to other parts of our home. This is true especially when it comes to the kitchen cabinets that we have installed in our kitchens.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Near me: Is It Possible?

Let’s be honest; most of us are on a budget when it comes to spending on renovations that we need doing around the house, and it is the reason we look for a cheaper way out, without compromising the quality. The same is the case with kitchen cabinets. Replacing them can cost a fortune if we aren’t too careful. And we don’t want to buy just any affordable kitchen cabinets because what if they start to break apart after a few months?

This is why we run to the internet, looking up searches like ‘cheap kitchen cabinets near me’ or ‘cheap kitchen cabinets for sale’ or “where to buy cheap kitchen cabinets”. It is also why we run to the Home Depot, either online or to the store, to look for ‘Home Depot cheap kitchen cabinets’ because we believe that we might find a good deal that will be worth investing in. But rest assured that you can find cheap kitchen cabinets ideas without putting a significant dent in your savings.


What to Consider When Hunting for Cheap Unfinished  Kitchen Cabinets

The hunt for cheap unfinished kitchen cabinets may not be that easy, but it is certainly not an impossible task to accomplish. You can definitely get the chic kitchen of your dreams without cringing when you look over the final bill. The cabinets you purchase depend on the materials they are made out of, where they are being sourced from, the location of your home, the number of cabinets you need to have installed, and the size of your kitchen, as well as whether you hire professionals to fix the kitchen cabinets for you.

These are a few factors that will affect the cost you will sustain when it comes to kitchen cabinets:
  1. Mass Produced Vs Custom-Made — If you buy kitchen cabinets that are produced in bulk, instead of having them custom designed, then your cost will be significantly low. Retailers have products that are pre-made and sold in bunches, so go ahead and look at that section of their catalog before jumping onto the custom design option.
  2. Material — Kitchen cabinets that are made using particle boards, or any other mixed synthetic supplies will cost you much less as compared to kitchen cabinets that are made out of glass or wood or those that are lacquered.
  3. Faces of Cabinets — Yes, the cost of your kitchen cabinets is affected by cabinet faces! You can find flat slab cabinets that will cost you less as compared to say, glass panel cabinets that will exponentially increase the total you will have to spend on kitchen cabinets.
  4. Kitchen size and Quantity — The number of cabinets you will need depends on the size of your kitchen. If you can make do with fewer kitchen cabinets than you think you need, then the amount will go down further for you.
  5. Half-finished Cabinets — Buying cheap unfinished kitchen cabinets that are half-completed will help you save up when it comes to finishing your kitchen. The best part? If you buy unpainted kitchen cabinets, then you can have fun with some DIY and ensure the cabinets fit in with your kitchen’s theme and design!
  6. Installation — Hiring professionals to help you install your kitchen cabinets may jack up the cost you will incur, but if you are not confident in your own abilities, then hiring experts is a worthy investment because you don’t have to worry about not having the job being done properly.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Whether you think your kitchen cabinets need a new look, or if you want to install new ones, you are in control of what it will cost you. There are several ways you can cut down on the cost you will incur, as mentioned in the section above.

In this section, we will be sharing with you, different ideas you can follow or take inspiration from that will transform your kitchen cabinets and help you acquire the kitchen of your dreams!

Repaint Your Existing Kitchen Cabinets

It is a wonder what repainting can do for you! If you are looking for low-cost or cheap kitchen cabinet ideas, and you already have a fully installed kitchen in your hands, then you should consider repainting the cabinets, and even laminating them, for a fresh, new look. An additional idea: pick two tones of the same color and watch your kitchen transform into a wonder!

Swap Out Your Kitchen Hardware

You will be surprised with the difference just switching out your kitchen hardware will make for your kitchen. Find a new style for your kitchen cabinets, and change the existing pulls for a renewed, edgy look!

Take Off the Kitchen Cabinet Doors

An idea you can try if you are feeling experimental is to take off your kitchen cabinet doors. You will find yourself amazed by how much extra space you get in the process of transforming your kitchen cabinets. The best thing? It costs almost nothing!

Customize The Lower Cabinets

If you are wanting to transform your kitchen, then have the bottom cabinets customized so they stand out, while getting the upper ones a different style (maybe by the following the previous suggestions made in this post). A cost-effective way of ensuring you get the best out of cheap kitchen cabinets ideas!

Sometimes, if you work your way around barriers cleverly, you can still end up with amazing results. There are several ideas in this post that will help you achieve just that when it comes to your kitchen cabinets, without emptying your bank accounts!

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