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10 Best Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Arrangement, White Backsplash

When it comes to kitchen colors, Grey is the shade of the present time. This Grey kitchen cabinet design with the White backsplash adds sophistication to your modern house. Base cabinets in a darker shade of Grey and walls in white provide a contrasting color palette and give a vibrant dynamic to the atmosphere.

Cabinetra’s Townsquare Grey Kitchen Cabinet Collection has clean and eye-catching kitchen cabinet ideas to transform your home kitchen today. You would definitely feel like spending most of your time in the kitchen, cooking your favorite meal! Keeping the walls and the floor light keeps the space feeling airy despite the richness of dark grey. Make your space look larger than it actually is with this design from Cabinetra® who guarantees a great outcome.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Modern furniture, and parquet flooring

For a truly dramatic and a rustic look, go for the Greystone Shaker Grey Kitchen Cabinets from Cabinetra®. You can have your dream kitchen today with contemporary furniture and parquet flooring. The dark Grey cabinets paired with the white, simple but modern furniture set gives the open plan area a sexy air and an act of capability of being put to hard work. The durable parquet floor, which comes with several geometrical shapes, is one of the best options when it comes to keeping your kitchen clean. It sure gives your kitchen a no-nonsense functionality. It matches with the overall appearance and adds grace to your lifestyle.

If you are looking for true drama and an outstanding effect, search no more. Cabinetra® will give you the best look which you were looking for all this time!

Scandinavian classic gray kitchen with wooden details, minimalistic

Ever so stylish Scandinavian theme comes out to shine in your kitchen. A splash of wooden effect gives a lovely mix of color effects. A chrome fridge makes classic white and wood contemporary. The darker Grey hue definitely adds a classy superiority to your kitchen. The minimalistic furniture style adds simplicity to your life. With simple handles on the cabinets, your kitchen is transformed into a bright place in an instant.

The cool and open wooden lampshades are the must to complete this fashionable look. Cabinetra’s Midtown Grey Kitchen Cabinet Collection, with their years of experience, will make sure your kitchen space is decorated with the most delicate detailing for you to feel at home.

Gray And White Kitchen Cabinets with island, pendant lights

Kitchen island with pendant lighting! The absolute necessity for your social gatherings with a crisp wine. The glossy cabinet top makes it perfect for your social space with a strong lighting presence. These pendant lights illuminate your space, making it all the more inviting. For subtle contrast, we have used two different slightly different calm textures of Grey and White. This soft and calm color palette adds delicate luxury to your open kitchen space. Island cabinets being in a darker shade help the design has strong contrast and have the same weight and balance.

Cabinetra’s Lait Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Collection is an example of an eye-catching piece that you must include in your modern, friendly house.

Modern gray kitchen features dark gray cabinetry

If you are looking for something a little bolder than the common designs, we recommend Cabinetra’s Nova Light Grey Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Collection with a mix of textured and patterned effects made out of luxurious marble. Base cabinets in darker Grey shade help ground the design and a touch of white on the pantrytops creates an eye-catching contrast that looks fresh and modern.

We love to embrace Grey hues and white and we are absolutely certain your kitchen would be a masterpiece once it is complete. Work with Cabinetra® to customize your dream look with an absolutely gorgeous kitchen island and well-lit sophisticated kitchen space!

Minimalist white and gray Cabinets wooden kitchen

Explore how Cabinetra’s Grey Kitchen Cabinets Collection has used the light wooden tones in harmony with white and grey to make your kitchen look fresh and contemporary. We believe this mix has created wonders for kitchen styles! This design, selection of colors, range, and depth of hue would be a rival to many traditional kitchen colors and you would be the proud master artist of them.

The minimalistic selection of this kitchen furniture makes your space appear larger and modern. It offers a clean and tidy look with no cabinet handles or pulls. With subtle finishing touches, this design will grace your house and would be a special addition to your room collection.

Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets With minimal wooden details

Would you like to add some wooden detail to turn up the heat in your cool home? Wooden cupboards are not a thing in the past! We are in the era of a new generation of timber kitchen styles that is in tune with chic homes around the globe. Combine wood with Grey and it creates a marvelous effect on beautiful kitchen tops and cupboards. Imagine this kitchen island in your home! It would be an open invitation to your friends to come and spend time in your stylish house.

Choose one of the best kitchen cabinet collections from Cabinetra® and transform your kitchen into this stylishly antique look with rich textures and a rustic vibe.

Modern Gray And White Kitchen Cabinets with parquet floor.

Dark grey with contrasting white color combined with a textured parquet flooring is anyone’s dream kitchen design! Spice up your kitchen style with a rustic and industrial looking cabinet and a matching atmosphere. Request a free kitchen design sample from Cabinetra® to create an amazing look and to get this mix right.

Parquet floor designs blending with the two colors make a striking statement. The natural lighting through the glass doors keeps the kitchen looking airy and fresh. White kitchen cabinet tops give a clean and tidy feeling and make your space look larger. Add the simplistic furniture and proper lighting, and complete this look with perfection.

Dark Gray Flat Front Kitchen Cabinets

Greystone Shaker’s Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinet Collection is a classic inspiration of solid and textured color mix. The clean-looking white kitchen tops add depth to the whole area. This dark monochrome color scheme matches well with an open kitchen space giving it a sophisticated look. Brighten up your social space, the kitchen island with high pendant lamps, and illuminate your evenings.

Subtle texture on the cupboards gives them a classic rustic effect while voicing the modernized appearance in your home. The gleaming additions of the oven and other pantry settings mix well with the rest of the expression you are trying to create. Let Cabinetra take care of the glorious look that you are looking for.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Brick Tile

White brick tiles are the perfect way to add a fresh appearance to your home. This backsplash combined with different hues of grey is a perfect setting for your kitchen. It is a harmonious blend of dark and charcoal grey and has the power to suit any type of theme you are looking for; whether it is modern rustic or traditional.

These dramatic shades create an instant impact and look appealing to anyone visiting your kitchen. Pair this look with simple furniture and light color flooring to get an airy, open feel. At Cabinetra®, we are experts in combining paler shades of grey and sophisticated white with darker hues and graphite to create more dramatic space.

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