Kitchen Cabinets

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Kitchen Cabinets?

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Kitchen Cabinets

How to Replace Kitchen Cabinets Using the Refacing Method

A kitchen is one of the most significant parts of the house. It is the place where, day after day, we gather together with friends and family at least three times to cook, eat, and talk about our daily happenings. It is where we have guests over for a game night, and where we throw parties. In essence, kitchens are the centerpieces of any residence.

An area in your home that sees this much activity on a daily basis undeniably goes through some wear and tear, sometimes sooner than other parts of the house. This is one of the main reasons why we often hear people talking about renovating their kitchens because their tiles need uprooting and uplifting, or because they have to replace kitchen cabinets because the coloring is fading and because they feel like the cabinet doors will fall off their hinges any second.

If you are one of those individuals looking to replace kitchen cabinets or to replace kitchen cabinet doors and are confused about how to proceed, continue reading on, because we are about to share with you some hacks that will make kitchen remodeling a much easier decision for you!

Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Vs Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The first thing that you need to know is that there is more than one option for you to consider when it comes to renovating a part of your kitchen. The average cost to replace kitchen cabinets also fluctuates according to the path you decide to pursue in terms of kitchen cabinet renovations.


How to Replace Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is a big chunk of the total cost that you will incur when remodeling your kitchen. It can be as significant as 40-50% of the total budget you set aside for kitchen renovations. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind before you can go on to replace kitchen cabinets:

  1. The cost to replace kitchen cabinets goes up according to:
    • the size of the kitchen,
    • the condition of the already existing kitchen cabinets,
    • the location of your house (if you live far away from the city, workers will have to travel further every day to reach your place), and
    • the total number of days that you will require labor for.
  2. Workers will spend at least the first day or two taking apart the cabinets that are already installed and clearing space for the new installations. This also jacks up the average cost to replace kitchen cabinets.
  3. You need to find material that matches the theme that already persists in your kitchen (you wouldn’t want your kitchen cabinets standing out because they don’t blend in with the rest of your kitchen!). This adds to the cost when you consider the time spent in finding the right material, and then bringing it from the shop to your home.
  4. Replacing kitchen cabinets or kitchen cabinet doors is a job that requires professional skills (it isn’t something that you can pull off just because you can handle a hammer and a drill!).

By now, you might have an inkling that the cost to replace kitchen cabinets is not going to be cheap! And you are right; replacing kitchen cabinets is not a cheap feat to accomplish, and requires a great deal of planning, both financially and in terms of design. Even if you just want to replace kitchen cabinet doors instead of substituting entire cabinets, the average cost will not differ significantly. The average cost you will incur when replacing your kitchen cabinets or kitchen doors will range from anywhere between $4000 and $9000, depending on the amount of customization you would like.

Don’t give up hope. We have another way for you to successfully transform the cabinets in your kitchen without having to spend all of your savings!


How to Replace Kitchen Cabinets Using the Refacing Method

Kitchen cabinet refacing is your solution to renovating the kitchen and bringing back its magic without spending a lot of money! It is a cost-effective way of replacing your kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet doors, and even the drawers and exteriors of the cabinets.

With kitchen refacing, the look of your kitchen stays the same, and the cabinets that already exist stay in place, thus resulting in even more savings for you! With just a few tweaks here and there (for instance, adding glass doors or new molding), you can customize your kitchen and bring back its charm in a more cost-efficient manner.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Pros

  1. It is much less costly than completely replacing kitchen cabinets.
  2. Kitchen cabinet refacing takes significantly less time in total (your kitchen will be done in a week or even less!).
  3. Your kitchen will still be functional while work is being done, as compared to replacing the kitchen cabinets, where your kitchen will be an off-limits area in your house until work is completed.
  4. There is less work involved as there is no need to tear down the cabinets that already exist in the kitchen. This also means you require less labor.
  5. There are a lot of options to choose from in terms of looks, so you get more than your worth when it comes to money!

In total, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 to $5000 when it comes to kitchen cabinets refacing. The cost will go up if you have fancy customization in mind, or if you want to completely change the look of your kitchen.

In this article, you learned what to expect when you are looking into kitchen renovations. Whether you want to replace kitchen cabinets or just replace kitchen cabinet doors, or if you want to completely revamp your entire kitchen, you have certain ideas brewing in your head by now! We shared with you a cost-effective way of renovating your kitchen cabinets-known as kitchen cabinet refacing. You now also have an estimate of the average cost that you will incur if you decide to replace kitchen cabinets or if you want to reface them. Either way, happy kitchen renovations!